This page is dedicated to the friendship of  Dr. Zoe Hart and Mayor Lavon Hayes.

The relationship between Zoe Hart and Lavon Hayes is completely platonic and has never been romantic. Lavon and Zoe could be considered best friends; Lavon was Zoe's first friend in BlueBell, they've never stayed in a serious fight for long, and their there-for-each-other effortless friendship is sister-brother like. Zoe and Lavon's relationship is one of the only consistent ones in the series.

Season OneEdit

During the first season when Zoe first arrives in Bluebell Lavon is virtually her only friend. The sassy doctor from New York has a hard time fitting into the small Southern Town. She has feelings for George Tucker but he is engaged to be married to Lemon Breeland,and Zoe and Lemon get along like North and South Korea to put it lightly. He relationship with Wade is one of attraction to the bad boy persona which she is trying hard to fight. That leaves Lavon,he is the one who helps her to navigate the tricky waters of Bluebell. He is her confidant and best friend. Lavon helps Zoe with her growing feelings for George as well as letting her know that Wade really likes her. Lavon helps introduce Zoe to the Southern ways weather its sweet tea or the Rammer Jammer. He let her ride his float during the founders day parade and convinced her not to make a fool of herself at George and Lemons wedding.

Zoe also help Lavon as well,she help cover the affair up that he had with Lemon,spoke to Didi when Lavon asked her to and even pretended to be Lemons lover to keep Didi from telling George about Lemon and Lavons affair. She also made up a speech for Lavon after he failed to come up with one after George won man of the year.

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