The relationship between Zoe Hart and Jesse Kinsella.

Season OneEdit

Zoe and Jesse met at the Bluebell medical practice when Zoe patched up Jesse 's sprained wrist. The two hit it off quickly, and Zoe agreed to Jesse 's lunch date invitation later that day.


However, events ensued, and it was quickly discovered that Jesse was in fact, Wade Kinsella 's brother- which led to an incident where Zoe overheard a stinging conversation between the Kinsella brothers, where Wade tells Jesse he's free to date Zoe because they're both snobbish and superior, and would be perfect together. After this exchange, Jesse clearly still retained his interest in Zoe , while Zoe took a step back, remarking "I can't always stay out of people's business, but when I can, I probably should" (Bachelorettes & Bullets). Jesse agrees, and the two part on friendly terms, leaving town soon after.

Character QuotesEdit

Zoe Hart: "Lunch with a ninja? One more thing I can check off my bucket list."
(Bachelorettes & Bullets)

Jesse Kinsella: "You know, I sort of feel bad, 'cause all I got you is a flower."
(Bachelorettes & Bullets)

Wade Kinsella: "No, I mean why are you with my brother?"
Jesse Kinsella: "Hi, Wade."

Zoe Hart: "Oh, you have got to be kidding me."
(Bachelorettes & Bullets)

Zoe Hart: "How could you not tell me that Jesse was Wade's brother?"
(Bachelorettes & Bullets)

Zoe Hart: "I can't always stay out of other people's business, but when I can, I probably should."

Jesse Kinsella: "Yeah...yeah, probably."
(Bachelorettes & Bullets)

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