Hart-of-Dixie 510
The relationship between this love triangle includes Wade Kinsella, George Tucker and Zoe Hart.

Back Story and Season OneEdit

These two men are falling in love with the same woman, Zoe Hart. Zoe is in love with George and only likes Wade as a friend. But everything changes in the finale of the first season when George almost marries Lemon. Zoe forgets her love for George, and has sex with Wade. She becomes very confused, because she is still in love with George, who finally admits that he loves her more than his former fiance Lemon, and Wade, who she starts to like, who was in love with her since the very beginning of the series.

Season TwoEdit

Due to George's long-term relationship with Lemon and him not knowing what's available, Zoe decides that they are not ready to be together.  Zoe and Wade start up a casual sex relationship. Eventually, they start dating. However, Wade is caught cheating on Zoe and they break up.

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