Winifred Wilkes
Winifred Wilkes
Harley Wilkes Brother/Brother-In-Law

Jacob Wilkes Brother/Brother-In-Law
Olin Brother/Brother-In-Law"
Brando Wilkes Brother/Brother-In-Law
Maureen Wilkes Sister/Sister-In-Law
Claire Wilkes Mother/Mother-In-Law
Guy Father/Stepfather/Father-In-Law
Zoe Hart Niece
Vivian Wilkes Niece

Donna Ex
Portrayed by
Anne Ramsay
First Appeared
Last Appeared
Winifred Wilkes first appears in Season 3. (One More Last Chance) She is a strong and opinionated women who states she hates New Yorkers because her exes seem to be tied with the negativeness of the city. She loves family. She takes a strong liking to Wade Kinsella; and a strong disliking to Zoe Hart and Joel Stevens.

Trivia Edit

  • Winifred is one of the shows first open gay characters.
    • "Oh, tell me about it. It's always a spitting contest. Young boys, old boys, you name it. That's why I just tabled the entire gender." --A Good Run of Bad Luck

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