The first entry of Wanda's blog, Wanda's Word, featured on Bluebell's town website.

Hey ya’ll! Thanks for checking out my new section of the town blog, “Wanda's Word”. I am so excited to share my advice, tips, and even a little bit of gossip with ya’ll so let’s get started!

Our very first question comes from Blue in BlueBell. Blue writes:

“Dear Wanda,

It’s been years since I’ve had a companion in my life (other than my beautiful kitties), but I think I’m finally ready to date again. I’m an older lady and haven’t been out with a man in quite some time. Do you have any tips on good places to meet other singles in their golden years? If so, how do I go about getting a date?


Blue in BlueBell”

Well Blue, bless your heart for getting back out there in the dating scene. I think that is just so sweet. My advice for you is to just make sure you’re always out and about in town. There’s not one right place you’ll meet the perfect guy- it could be anywhere. At Church, at the bakery- heck, even in the middle of town square while you’re walking one of your cats! He could be right under your nose and you might not even know it. Also, don’t be afraid to start the conversation- it can be about anything! My sweet Tom is so shy that if I hadn’t started talking to him about our mutual love for chocolate chip pancakes with banana smiley faces on them, he’d probably still be sweatin’ bullets every time he sees me at the Rammer Jammer! (By the way, now I put banana hearts on his chocolate chip pancakes instead- he giggles every time!) . I hope this advice was helpful to you Blue! Let me know how it goes.

If any of ya’ll reading this need advice with something in your lives, I’ll do my best to help! Write to me at

Big hugs,


Wanda, Bluebell Website; Wanda's Word

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