Wally Maynard
Wally Maynard
former Rammer Jammer Owner

Unnamed Wife
Betsy Maynard Sister or Sister-In-Law
Wanda Long Niece
Froda Long Great Niece

Tom Long Nephew (by marriage)
Portrayed by
First Appeared
Last Appeared

Mr. Maynard formerly owned Bluebell, Alabama's Rammer Jammer. The party and cocktail contest to celebrate the Rammer Jammer's 30th anniversary was his idea.  He is seen wanting to sell the Rammer Jammer in Why Don't We Get Drunk?.  The Rammer Jammer is now under the management of Lemon Breeland and Wade Kinsella.


Mr. Maynard is Wanda's uncle

Mr. Maynard's first name is Wally.

He is somewhat related to Betsy Maynard (Wanda's mother), due to sharing the same last name and sharing Wanda as a relative.  It seems to be former sister-in-laws due to Wanda having a stepmother (Joyce). - Where I Lead Me


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