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Valentine's Day Gossip

The scent of fresh roses from Flowers By Quimby, Agnes’s savory strawberry heart pies displayed in the window, and just a touch of love in the BlueBell air could only mean one thing, it’s time for my favorite Hallmark inspired holiday: VALENTINE’S DAY! And as your gossip maven I have a very exclusive inside scoop of everyone’s Valentine’s Day plans. Who will be spotted out canoodling? Who will be spending the night alone watching Nicholas Sparks movies and eating bonbons besides Zoe Hart ?

First we’ll start with the golden couple: George Tucker and Lemon Breeland . This will be their last Valentine’s Day as a dating couple. This time next year they’ll be married! I hear the soon to be weds will be picnicking in the gazebo, sipping on Lemon’s favorite Mint Juleps as they are surrounded by lilies (Lemon’s favorite flowers). A very trusted source also informed me that Lemon is going to be getting some bling. Perhaps, that diamond bracelet she’s been eyeing? Whatever it is, George Tucker, you get an A+ for delivering the perfect Valentine’s Day!

Next we have BlueBell’s newest, adorable couple Lavon and Didi . As the Mayor we’d assume Lavon would pull out all the stops for his new lady. Perhaps a helicopter ride or a special serenade from Didi ’s favorite local band? However, apparently Lavon doesn’t subscribe to The Bachelor dating guide. Instead, he’s old school and will be going the more traditional route. He’s sending her a dozen roses and the two have reservations at Fancie’s. Who knows? Maybe they’ll end their evening at Old Babcock pond like two high school sweeties…

As for Wade Kinsella, he’s offering up to be the “malentine” for all you single ladies. Very charitable if you ask me. Just meet him at the Rammer Jammer during his shift and take a shot with him! For the rest of you BlueBellian lovebirds have a HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

Dash DeWitt, Bluebell Website; Dash DeWitt's Blog

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