The second entry on Blawker, established by Dash DeWitt.

Town Hall HappeningsEdit

Last night’s town hall meeting was pretty snooze-worthy. There were some insipid concerns brought up that will never after last night be talked about ever again. And thank God for that. Creating a turtle run in Harrigan’s Park? Sometimes I question the sanity of certain people in this town. However, it is interesting to note who showed up with who. And who came solo. Frenemies Betsy Hargrove and Maribeth Donaldson attended the meeting together looking all chummy. Yet we all know about their constant competition about whose lawn is greener. But for some reason these two can’t seem to stay apart from one another. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer, I suppose. Oscar Balderrama was there. Without his wife Patty. He said she was “feeling under the weather.” Although I have it on good authority that the two were seen fighting at the Dixie Stop a fortnight ago. Trouble on the farm? Also there were newlyweds Sara Jane and Mitchell White in their first public appearance since their wedding. The couple that attends town meetings together stays together? Sure.

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