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Tonya is Rose Hattenbarger's friend.

She was first introduced in Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me (episode 2.7) when she accompanies Rose for milkshakes at the Rammer Jammer. When Zoe approaches them to apologize for Max misreading her hints about Rose, Tonya sasses Zoe about her poor handling of the situation. Before the girls leave, Tonya adds that 'Cougar is not a good look' for Zoe.

She appeared in Lovesick Blues (episode 2.13), riding on top of the firetruck with Rose for Lavon's promo of Bluebell. She blows a kiss to the camera as the truck drives by the camera. Once she and Rose get off, she comforts Rose about having a "fifth row seat". Tonya and Rose con Magnolia into inviting them to her party, which the latter grudgingly agrees to send them an Evite as long as they don't invite any of their "loser friends". Tonya sees the jar of red licorice sticks and grabs a handful.

Tonya appeared in We Are Never Ever Getting Back (episode 2.17). She is first seen in Zoe's office being checked for a sore throat, which turns out to be strep. Zoe rants about men and sticks Tonya roughly, making Tonya complain that she doesn't care about Zoe's romantic life. She goes on to talk about getting the strep throat from her soon-to-be boyfriend, who will make it official once he dumps his current girlfriend. When Zoe suspects that Max is cheating on Rose with Tonya, Zoe takes Rose to the pond and they spy on Tonya who is calling a boy. They realize in the end that Tonya is meeting a different boy and that she actually can't stand Max.

She might be appearing in another episode, because she didn't appear in 2.18.


"Oh so it's Rose's fault that you're on a date with her man?" (Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me)

"FYI cougar is not a good look on you." (Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me)


  • In Lovesick Blues, Tonya reaches for Red Vines, which she says are her favorites.

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