The fifth entry on The Tom Long and Short of It, featured on the Bluebell Website.

Tom Long Writes Clerihews About People in BlueBellEdit

by Tom Long

Zoe Hart

Pretty and Smart

She’s a Doctor

Lemon mocked her

Wade Kinsella

Dastardly fella

Has eyes for my lady

I think he’s shady

Dash DeWitt

He’s legit

Loves the theater

Couldn’t be sweeter

Zoe Hart

A work of art

Shorts so tiny

Hair so shiny

Lavon Hayes

Deserves our praise

He’s the mayor

Always fair

Lemon Breeland

It’s a free land!

Be nice to Zoe

her hair is flowy!

Rose Hattenbarger

never mind.

Zoe Hart

You tear me apart

I love you madly

would go out with you, gladly

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