The first, and sixth, entry on AnnaBeth's Blog, featured on the Bluebell Website. (The first entry was likely mistakenly posted too early, based on the progression of the posts.)

The Blushing Belles of Bluebell Debutante BallEdit

by Rose Hattenbarger

On the 20th of August, six lovely ladies made their debut to everyone who’s anyone in polite society at the 65th Annual Blushing Belles of BlueBell Debutante Ball. I don’t need to tell y’all that the presentation of the debs is one of the biggest events of the year, and this year’s Belle Ball did not disappoint. The Decorations Committee completely transformed our town square into a City of Lights — a gorgeous twenty-foot Eiffel Tower-shaped archway, adorned with imported white lilies and French silk ribbons, under which the debutantes made their grand entrance. With so many twinkly lights everywhere I literally felt like Meg Ryan in French Kiss! This year’s delightful debs were all a vision in white… except Abigail Cornwall Christensen, who wore a rather showy shade of eggshell. However, the poor dear is getting over a nasty break-up and is still healing her wounds. She had to be escorted by her cousin from Mobile. Bless her heart.

The five-course dinner, catered by Fancie’s, was a welcome bliss after last year’s unspeakable potato salad fiasco. (Though at Carrie Rose Ennis’ brunch the next week, I was able to wear my Jessica McClintock from middle school. And Lemon Breeland said I looked adorably vintage!) After the debutantes’ traditional first dance with their escorts, most of the party guests – including a few who should have perhaps sat out, or at least laid off the punch – joined them on the makeshift dance floor and frolicked under the stars until well after midnight. Congratulations to all of the darling new debutantes, their proud families and friends, and the many people who contributed to success of this fabulous night, especially the Belles, of course.

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