The seventh entry on The Tom Long and Short of It, featured on the Bluebell Website.

The Ballad of Zoe HartEdit

by Tom Long

I’ve rarely been called brilliant and I’ve never been called smart
but if there’s one thing I am sure of it’s my love of Zoe Hart.
Now Zoe is a doctor, and a healer through and through
And when she was short on staff I said, “I’ll see what I can do.”

Now medicine’s a tricky game, you can never just relax.
Lives hang in the balance, unless I provide the snacks.
For Zoe I made bagels, a favored Hebrew treat
and made sure her supply shelves were orderly and neat.

I think there was a case to solve, something about juice
How could I concentrate with Zoe there? My everlasting muse.
But luckily she figured it out, didn’t crack a single book.
By her charms I was distracted, and let the phone ring off the hook.

All the missed calls were from George, she was glad to let him wait.
Perhaps she finally figured out that I’m the one to date.
So though now Addy has returned and my office work is done,
I’m feeling fairly confident that our story’s just begun.

Now I know you think I’m dreaming to believe that Zoe and I might be.
But who’d think I could be a doctor? And well, now look at me!
I can see our lives ahead, married happily.
Doctors Long, they’ll call us, Tom and Zoe Long, MD.

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