This article is about the relationship between Tansy Kinsella and Todd Gainey Jr., also known as "Colt".

Season OneEdit

Tansy and Colt dated while Tansy was still technically married to Wade Kinsella, though the two had not had a relationship for some time- she sought a divorce with Wade so she and Colt could get engaged.

When Wade realized that Colt was in fact the Todd Gainey Jr. that had made fun of his father so cruelly when they were younger, he refused to go through with the divorce, insisting Tansy could do better. Believing this meant Wade still had feelings for her, Tansy visited Wade's home one night and very nearly kissed him, only to be interrupted by a very jealous Colt wielding a crossbow.

When Wade later revealed he didn't feel the same way about Tansy that she felt toward him, but that she could do far better than Colt, Tansy grew angry and argued that at least she knew Colt would shoot someone with a crossbow for her. However, she did eventually see sense in Wade's advice and ended things with Colt.

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