The fourteenth entry on Blawker, established by Dash DeWitt. (Posted in accordance with Sweetie Pies & Sweaty Palms.)

Sweetie Pie Dance RoundupEdit

Oh, my. Where do I even begin? I don’t know what it is about dressing up that sparks drama, but thank goodness it does! The Sweetie Pie Dance was a smashing success. And one in which stirred the pot quite a bit for the couples of BlueBell.

After some supposed drama between Mayor Hayes and his sorta girlfriend, Didi Ruano, the couple decided not to attend the dance together. Boo! The mayor showed up to Fancie’s stag. How progressive! However, I have on good authority that he was seen leaving the town square with Didi later that night. Rekindle, you say? Oh, you naughty, Mayor.

Brick Breeland and pie-maker extraordinaire Agnes had their first date at the dance. Too bad for them, it seems like that was also their last date. Too bad. I was rooting for these two. On paper, they’re the perfect couple. But in practice? Not so much! Hope they both find love soon!

As for Brick’s daughter, Lemon, I saw her and her fiance, George Tucker, get into a little dispute. I’m sure it’s just about wedding planning. I watch Say Yes to the Dress. I know how high strung brides can get when their wedding’s approaching.

Say it ain’t so! Zudson is officially dunzo. The GP and the vet broke up shortly after the dance. This makes me very sad. If these two hotties can’t make it work, then who can? Unattached men of BlueBell, Zoe Hart is single. Watch out!

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