The tenth entry on Rose's Bluebell Beat, featured on the Bluebell Website. This entry was posted in response to The Undead & The Unsaid.

Stay SmartEdit

by Rose Hattenbarger

Sometimes really smart people do very dumb things. I won’t go into the details of these said dumb things. Mostly in order to protect the others who took part in the foolish activities from this past weekend. And also to protect myself. I don’t know what I was thinking. Actually, I do know what I was thinking. I was letting my teenage hormones get the best of me. So I guess I can partly blame science? Anyway, I’m just glad no one was seriously hurt. Thank goodness. It was way scary for a moment there. And gave me major heart palpitations (the kind I usually only get after Mrs. Armstrong announces a pop quiz in Global Studies). Because of all this I think for the next few weeks I will be keeping myself busy by hanging at home, reading Mindy Kaling’s new book and listening to the Memory Place podcast. That way I’m not tempted to get involved in anything that might cause trouble. I am not a trouble maker. Not in the slightest. Living on the edge is something I don’t think I will be good at and quite frankly, after this weekend I’m good with living on the center. However, I will leave you with a few words of wisdom (especially to the people at CLJ Jones High): If you’re going to drink, please drink responsibly. It’s not worth the anxiety to do otherwise.

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