The third entry on AnnaBeth's Blog, featured on the Bluebell Website.

Society AnnouncmentsEdit

by AnnaBeth

What a big week in BlueBell! For starters, an engagement of one of our very own Belles! Milly St. Clair finally got engaged to her beau, Phil Vickers. And can I say it was about time? We were starting to think Phil would never pop the question! An anonymous source has suggested on numerous occasions that Phil was still hung up on Ellie May Wiles. But apparently that is untrue, so congratulations to them both!

Jeri Lynn Hefferman and her husband Kevin welcomed their sixth baby boy Tuesday afternoon. Six boys, can you imagine? I certainly can’t. That oldest one, Bobby, is ten now and already such a troublemaker! I wouldn’t want five of him! But that’s just little old me. Anyway, sincerest congratulations to the whole, big, happy family.

In sadder news, beloved BlueBell citizen Gloria Tattersall has passed away at the age of 103. But every cloud has its silver lining, so be sure to check out her estate sale next Thursday – some of her items date back to the town’s founding many many years ago.

Are you part of a mother-daughter duo with a flair for fashion? Don’t forget to sign up for this year’s BlueBell Mother-Daughter Fashion Show! The best dressed family will win a gift certificate to Fancie’s.

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