Shady Hilson
Shady Hilson
Owner/Salesman of Nate's Hardware

Portrayed by
First Appeared

Shady Hilson, owns and manages Nate's Hardware, which has been in his family for generations, started by his great-grandfather.

In November of 2011, Shady meets with George Tucker to finalize the sale of Nate's Hardware, and for a price George finds to be "a little low". Shady, however, defends the move by convincing George that he and his family are ready to move on, that there are bigger and better things out in the world, and that he intended to find them.

However, when Shady's son Caleb is taken away in an ambulance, George and the rest of the town discover the Hilsons really have no choice but to sell Nate's Hardware because of their financial troubles. But on Planksgiving Day, Brick Breeland and George Tucker present Shady and his family with pledges they'd gathered from people willing to purchase their wares exclusively from Nate's Hardware, as well as building contracts- including a contract for the new gym at the high school, and the town hall renovation.


Shady is married to Becky Hilson, and together, they have two sons, Nate and Caleb Hilson.

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