Ruby Jeffries
Ruby Jeffries
Makeup maker

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Ruby Jeffries, a driven and succesful career woman with her own cosmetics line, makes her return to Bluebell after ten years away, quickly befriending Zoe Hart, getting under Lemon Breeland's skin and digging up the past with former flame Lavon Hayes.

Romantic RelationshipsEdit

Ruby and Lavon dated early in life when they were in high school Lavon being a year older than Ruby left for the University of Alabama leaving Ruby behind. Instead of breaking up with her, Lavon simply stops talking to Ruby and the relationship ends. Fast foward 10 years and both Lavon and Ruby both find themselves once again in Bluebell when Ruby decides she can do a better job running Bluebell she runs for mayor aginst Lavon. Old feelings they have for each other pop up during the election and they fall for each other once more.

Young LifeEdit

  • In high school, Ruby was three years ahead of Lemon, and one year behind Lavon. (I Fall To Pieces)
  • In high school, Ruby teased Lemon because she was "too big for [her] britches and named after a fruit". (I Fall To Pieces)