Rose and fredrick

The relationship between Rose Hattenbarger and Frederick Dean.

Season OneEdit

Frederick Dean and Rose share a number of interests, including reading Chew and enjoying history podcasts. However, Rose is frustrated that Frederick Dean just doesn't seem to notice her. With Wade Kinsella's help, that changes- but Rose remains frustrated because although Frederick Dean now talks to her all the time about their shared interests, she's afraid she's stuck in the friend zone, and is jealous that she is constantly vying for his attention with Magnolia Breeland, who Rose insists is "only toying with him".


Rose Hattenbarger: Okay, well there's this boy, Frederick Dean, in the grade above me, and he's amazing. He likes history podcasts and comic books, though he's also a stupid Southern man stuck in the antiquated notion of the female ideal, which is why it seems he hasn't noticed me.
(Parades & Pariahs)

Rose Hattenbarger: Frederick Dean is going to the parade with Magnolia Breeland.
Zoe Hart: Lemon's sister? Good grief.
Rose Hattenbarger: Which totally explains why he hasn't noticed me.
(Parades & Pariahs)

Rose Hattenbarger: Frederick Dean. [sighs] He has two first names, something about that is just so old school cool. And OMG, I saw he was reading Chew the other day, which is like my favorite comic book, but I didn't know how to tell him.
(Parades & Pariahs)

Frederick Dean: Hey Rose- I saw the float crash, are you okay?
Rose Hattenbarger: Frederick Dean. What? Think I'm some Belle all in a tizzy because my hoop skirt got stuck in my hair? I'm not. Go help Magnolia.
Frederick Dean: Oh...okay.
Wade Kinsella: Hey, uh, got that new issue of Chew? I was hoping to borrow it.
Frederick Dean: You read Chew?
Wade Kinsella: Yeah, what, you kidding? She's like the fan club president.
Rose Hattenbarger: Except I think releasing number twenty-seven out of sequence was way weird.
Frederick Dean: Me too! I don't get why you'd do that, especially when the USDA suicide mission was so cool in eighteen.
(Parades & Pariahs)

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