Lavon Hayes' Pre-Game Homecoming Party has become a beloved part of Bluebell Homecoming tradition, filled with town favorites- Lavon's crab dip, mix tapes, apple-tinis, beer, chips, mix cds and chicken fingers.

2002 Pre-Game PartyEdit

Hit by a tornado. (Homecoming & Coming Home)

2011 Pre-Game PartyEdit

Busy coaching the high school's football team minus a quarterback, Lavon handed his party responsibilities over to Zoe Hart, hoping it might help her fit in, and feel less homesick. However, when Zoe asks her professional event planner friend, Gigi Godfrey for advice, Gigi takes over and plans a party that certainly does not suit Bluebell. In addition to the strange foam food, dramatic lighting, purple (rather than blue) cocktails, Lavon believed one of the cater waiters may have flashed the minister.

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