The sixth entry on Rose's Bluebell Beat, featured on the Bluebell Website. This post was a response to the episode Parades & Pariahs.

Pandemonium at the ParadeEdit

by Rose Hattenbarger

The Founder’s Day parade has always been one of BlueBell’s biggest events. I can’t deny the fact that I, along with pretty much every other BlueBeller, am a huge fan of this day. What I love most about it is the creativity that goes into building the floats. They are extremely well made with intricate details that in my opinion, and without bias, come very close to Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade floats. Since the parade is such a big deal, everyone is always on their best behavior ensuring that things will go off without a hitch. This year went a whole lot differently. For starters, I got to ride in the mayor’s personal float. It was truly an honor and I am forever humbled. However, in an instant, things changed. I won’t point fingers because what happened was really just an accident. But it would be remiss of me not to mention it. Our float did crash and a scene was created. It’s funny how in all the years this town has been celebrating this holiday that it hasn’t happened before. I guess you could blame a certain somebody but I’m not one to do that. Especially this somebody who is a great and caring person as well as amazing at her job (ahem, I hope you readers are picking up on my inference and take note!). Anyway, even though there was quite the spectacle at the parade, it was still a fun day. One in which BlueBell will never forget. That’s for sure.

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