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Oscar Balderrama
Oscar Balderrama
Bluebell, Alabama
Portrayed by
Omar Levya
First Appeared
Last Appeared

Oscar Balderrama is a farmer from Bluebell, Alabama, married with a son named Tyler. His life, and arm, were saved by the combined efforts of Doctors Zoe Hart and Brick Breeland when a farm plow fell on him, nearly severing an artery in his arm. (Gumbo & Glory)

Pet of the WeekEdit

Grace the cow

Daughter of farmer Oscar Balderrama

Birthday: January 10th

Favorite Food: Not picky – hay, grass

Favorite Movie: Field of Dreams

Favorite Activity: Hanging with the other cows

Favorite Fellow Cow: Clarabelle Cow

Country to visit: India (for the respect)

Country not to visit: Spain (not a fan of the running of the bulls)

Favorite quote: “Milk does a body good.”

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