The tenth entry on The Tom Long and Short of It, featured on the Bluebell Website.

Wanda, Fair Wanda

Light of my life, the one girl

I have ever loved.

Wanda, you found the

Poems that I wrote for Zoe

And now it is weird.

Wanda, I’m sorry

Zoe was new in town, I

Was just being nice.

Wanda, no offense

You’re not one to talk because

Remember Chase Cobb?

Wanda, I shouldn’t

Have brought up Chase Cobb. I feel

Badly about that.

Oh, forget Zoe.

Wanda, you’re the one for me.

It’s always been you.

(Zoe, are you there?

If things don’t work out with Wade

Or George, please call me.)

Tom Long, Bluebell Website; The Tom Long and Short of It

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