The tenth entry on Blawker, established by Dash DeWitt. (Posted in accordance with Mistress & Misunderstandings.)

Memory Matron Shocker!Edit

Like Juliette Binoche beating Lauren Bacall for Best Supporting Actress in 1997, the choosing of Memory Matron turned out to be quite the upset. Everyone expected Lemon Breeland to be given the title since she is the top Belle in BlueBell. However, Delia Ann Lee went in a different direction. She picked AnnaBeth Nass to succeed her. I know, SHOCKER! It was quite a surprise for everyone in attendance. Although, no two people were more stunned than AnnaBeth and Lemon. I’m sure AnnaBeth never thought in a million years she’d be chosen as MM. And over Lemon, no less! This must be quite awkward for the BFF’s. I hope they don’t let the title get in the way of their friendship. Yet if they do, it could be good for this blog…

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