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Maureen Wilkes
Maureen Wilkes
Liberty, Alabama (?)
(formerly) Bluebell, Alabama
Claire Wilkes Mother/Mother-in-law?

† Unnamed Father-in-law?
Guy Father-in-law/Step-Father-in-law?
Harley Wilkes Brother/Brother-in-law?
Jacob Wilkes Brother/Husband?
Olin "Cousin"/"Cousin-in-law"?
Zoe Hart Niece
Vivian Wilkes Niece
Harley Wilkes II Great Nephew

Portrayed by
Lisa Blake Richards
First Appeared
Last Appeared

Maureen, formerly a Bluebell, Alabama resident has since moved to Liberty, where she owns a home . She finds Bluebell's Planksgiving tradition ridiculous, though she admires Liberty's holiday tradition of a beaver chopping down a tree to prevent the Christ child from floating away.


She is Zoe Hart's aunt, through Zoe's father, Harley. (However, it is unclear whether she was a sister of Harley and Jacob Wilkes, or perhaps married to Jacob and therefore, Harley's sister-in-law.)


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