The eleventh entry on The Tom Long and Short of It, featured on the Bluebell Website.

I’ve never been entwined in a triangle of love

I’ve never been given that blessing from above

But BlueBell’s been talking about an interesting few

Who have been entertaining the idea of a relationship anew

Two men, one heart – and the fight shall begin

Zoe’s heart is not an easy one to win

Perhaps George will bring a bouquet of roses

And Wade will run to see her after the bar closes

I’m lucky to have my own charming girl

The thought of this triangle makes me want to hurl

Wanda, you’re great – let’s never fight

Zoe’s future with her beau may not look too bright

Though I am happy with my lady, I can say that’s true

I really wouldn’t mind being considered for the role, too

If love squares exist, I can be the fourth corner

Maybe someday Zoe will see me as a potential courter

Tom Long, Bluebell Website; The Tom Long and Short of It

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