The thirteenth entry on Rose's Bluebell Beat, featured on the Bluebell Website. This entry was posted in response to The Pirate & The Practice.

Lots to Give Planks AboutEdit

by Rose Hattenbarger

I have to admit something: I have a thing for pirates. Always have. I dressed like one every single day in 2003. I wore an eye patch, pirate shoes, a handkerchief on my head, and when I was extra ambitious a gold tooth. My family was a bit concerned. Fortunately, I grew out of that phase. Yet my love for pirates never faded. I can partly blame Johnny Depp for my obsession. But mostly, I can blame BlueBell for causing me to go full blown “a’hoy! Shiver me timbers.” I’m not the only kid to go through a pirate period in this town. In fact, I think it’s a right of passage for most BlueBellians. It’s almost weirder if you DIDN’T have an obsession with all things criminals at sea. Clearly, BlueBell’s annual Planksgiving celebration plays a huge part in our love of pirates. This year’s festivities were no exception! Not only was the fish fry beyond delicious but all of us BlueBellians came together in a big way. I love when we do stuff like that. Reinforces my faith in mankind. From now on I’ll be purchasing all my hardware needs from Hilson’s. I hope you do the same. Happy Planksgiving!

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