The nineteenth entry of Rose's Bluebell Beat, featured on the Bluebell Website.

Let's Agree to Call it the POTY's?Edit

by Rose Hattenbarger

Congratulations, George Tucker on your BlueBell Owl’s MOTY award! You deserved it. It’s safe to say you’re the closest thing our town has to a real life Atticus Finch. You’re honest, loyal and a fighter for fairness. Good job! However (did you expect anything less?), I do find it quite iniquitous that it is called the MOTY’s. Why not the POTY’s? As in Person of the Year. Because seriously, it’s 2012 and BlueBell is still awarding just men. What about all the industrious and influential women of BlueBell? Do they not count because they were born without a Y chromosome? Our town is full of so many women worthy on this accolade. There are the women of medicine: Dr. Zoe Hart and Addy Pickett. The businesswomen: Susie of Mane Street and Babs Foster. The do-gooders: Beverly Mayfair and Lemon Breeland. Surely one of these women deserves some recognition for her awesomeness. Here’s hoping for change in 2013.

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