Lemon's necklace is a small stone on a gold chain given to Lemon Breeland by her mother, Alice Breeland.

Season OneEdit

After winning the Miss Cinnamon Cider Pageant as a teenager, Lemon's mother presented her with the necklace as a gift- one Lemon, who idolized her mother, would treasure.

Though Lemon was devastated when Alice left the family, she continued to wear the necklace. In December of 2011, eleven years after Alice left, Lemon received news of her mother that left her angry and bitter- news that led her to angrily rip off the necklace and throw it into a nearby river. It was Mayor Lavon Hayes who retrieved the necklace and returned it to Lemon at her home, with the advice "No matter how angry you are, you should never throw away anything that was given out of love".

Though the necklace is again in Lemon's possession, it is unclear whether she has worn it again since it was returned to her.

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