Judson Lyons
Judson Lyons
Portrayed by
Wes Brown
First Appeared

Dr. Judson Lyons is a veterinarian from Mobile, Alabama, who also tends to Bluebell, Alabama's veterinarian needs- including Bo and Burt Reynolds.



Judson asked Zoe out after seeing the subcuticular stitches she performed on Bo when he was unavailable. Zoe later called and canceled, leaving Judson sitting alone at Fancie's, and the whole town abuzz with the scandal. Later, Zoe apologized, Judson agreed to give her another chance, and the two visited Bluebell's bakery together. (The Crush & The Crossbow) However, at Lavon's annual pre-game homecoming party, Judson ended up sleeping with Zoe's best friend from New York, Gigi Godfrey. (Homecoming & Coming Home) Read more about Zoe and Judson here.


Judson and Gigi slept together at Lavon's annual pre-game homecoming party, though Gigi insisted she only intended to do some reconnaissance on his sexual orientation for Zoe's benefit. The incident resulted in Gigi getting organophosphate poisoning from ingesting the 'greened' grass- it hasn't been established whether or not Judson faced the same problem. (Homecoming & Coming Home) Read more about Gigi and Judson here.


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