Jonah Breeland
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Jonah Breeland
Doctor . Guapisimo

Bettie Breeland Grandmother
Betty Breeland Cousin or Sister
Brick Breeland Uncle
Alice Breeland Estranged Aunt
Lemon Breeland Cousin

Magnolia Breeland Cousin
Portrayed by
Last Appeared
The beloved Jonah Breeland, also a doctor, makes his return to Bluebell (in Take Me Home, Country Roads), and stirs up some trouble for Zoe in the meantime.  He also comes for the Spring Break celebrations in Why Don't We Get Drunk? and helping out at the medical practice and assisting Brick in If Tomorrow Never Comes.


He is the nephew of Brick Breeland and cousin to Lemon Breeland and Magnolia Breeland.


  • It is revealed that he's the nephew of Brick Breeland and cousin to Lemon and Magnolia Breeland.  However, it is currently unrevealed if a fellow cousin of Lemon's/Magnolia's - Betty Breeland is also a cousin of Jonah OR is the sister of Jonah.  It's safe to say that Betty and Jonah are indeed from the same side of the family, due to sharing the same last name.
  • He suggests that a breakup is better with mind-blowing sex with a sexy doctor. He later cheers her up at the end of the episode. (We Are Never Ever Getting Back)
  • When they were kids, Lemon made him eat a rug.
  • Is Lemon's favorite cousin, and everybody in town seems to love him, except George. Jonah really gets under George's skin due in part of some jealously.
  • Jonah can Juggle.
  • Jonah holds poker-nights.
  • When Lemon, scared that her cousin is also falling for Zoe, asks him to promise her that he is not in love with her, Jonah says that he doesn't do love, but that the tiny doctor intrigues him.
  • Jonah clearly cares very much for his uncle Brick.
  • Attended Duke Medical.
  • Went as Zoe's plus-one to a wedding in New York, on the condition that he pretends to be a mute.



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