Joel Stevens is a writer from New York. He first appeared in Who Says You Can't Go Home, as Zoe Hart's boyfriend. When Zoe went home for a weekend to tie up some loose ends before permanently moving to New York, Joel surprised Zoe and together they decided to stay there full time.

Bluebell quickly became his home. At first, the town didn't think he was right for Zoe but he won them over with the help of Reverend Mayfair. He bonded with Wade and the Truitt brothers over a sense of country like adventure that inspired his writing career.

Joel Stevens
Joel Stevens

Sylvia - Grandmother

Zoe Hart- Ex-Girlfriend
Portrayed by
Last Appeared


  • Joel's first novel was entitled The Cicada's Lament.
  • Joel stated that fried food upsets his stomach. (Who Says You Can't Go Home)
  • Upon his arrival, he instantly dislikes Lavon Hayes.
  • He befriends Wade Kinsella, despite Zoe's efforts.
  • States that he is a terrible actor.


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