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The ninth entry on Rose's Bluebell Beat, featured on the Bluebell Website. This episode was posted in response to Faith & Infidelity.

In Need of BrunchEdit

by Rose Hattenbarger

One of the monthly events I always look forward to the most is the pancake breakfast that Reverend Mayfair and his wife, Beverly, throw. Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day. I love it! But something I know I would also love is brunch. Brunch is the best of both worlds: the choice between breakfast or lunch. Eggs or a club sandwich? Waffles or a chopped salad?. However, there’s more to brunch than just eating. It’s a time to catch up with your friends, discuss how everyone’s weeks were as well as recall how the previous night’s activities went down. Brunch is basically a weekly gossipfest with your besties (as evidenced in nearly every episode of Sex and the City). Sadly, BlueBell doesn’t do brunch. I recently brought up the idea of adding a brunch menu to Shelley at the Rammer Jammer and she just looked at me like I was speaking Portuguese. Therefore I doubt BlueBell will be brunching it up any time soon. But I’m not worried. I know one day I will have my brunch moment and inevitable become an active weekend brunch-goer. Preferably in New York and at Balthazar.

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