Harry Tucker
Harry Tucker
Bluebell, Alabama
(since relocated)
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Harry Tucker worked alongside his father, Harold Tucker at a law firm in Montgomery, Alabama as Senior Associate until in late 2011 he decided to run for state legislature.


Harry is the son of Harold and Clora Tucker, and the older brother of George Tucker. In reference to Harry, Harold has said to George: "Your brother doesn't have half your smarts or half your heart", though it is unclear whether he really feels this way, or if he was simply trying to sway George into filling Harry's position as Senior Associate in Montgomery .

Harry also has a daughter, Lily Louise, who was intended to be the flower girl at George 's wedding to Lemon. (Harry himself was intended to be George 's best man, had a vicious storm not interfered.)

Also, Harold Sr. has indicated Emily Chase as a relative of the family.