The ninth entry on AnnaBeth's Blog, featured on the Bluebell Website. This entry was posted in response to Gumbo & Glory.


by AnnaBeth

It isn’t fall without BlueBell’s annual gumbo cook-off! This year’s competition was a huge success, as usual. Brick Breeland won of course. His gumbo is absolutely to die for and his speeches are always so funny! Sometimes I think he should try stand-up or something! Unfortunately, my own gumbo entry was somewhat lackluster this year. I knew I wouldn’t beat Brick, but I was hoping for at least second place! And I know could have done it too, but my attentions were elsewhere.

Lemon asked me to keep an eye on a certain new BlueBell resident for her. Because I am a true friend to Lemon, and because monitoring this NYC import is important for our community, I put my own gumbo aside and took to the streets to track Dr. Zoe Hart’s every movement.

I was appalled to find that, in the morning, Zoe always has breakfast with the mayor. With no makeup on! And if you think the way she dresses in public is bad, you have not seen anything until you see what she wears behind closed doors — clearly this girl has never owned a proper nightgown!

It was hard to spy on Zoe while she was doing her doctor work. I tried to listen in through a window, but she was using large and presumably vulgar doctor terms, and I had a hard time following. Then my friend Alexis called to tell me they were having a sale at Colette’s! I had to get over there right away. When I returned to Zoe’s office, she was gone! I couldn’t fail Lemon like that, so I looked all over town for her, but no one knew where she was. I went all over BlueBell: to the Rammer Jammer, the mayor’s office, checked Mane Street (though it’s clear that girl has not had her hair done in ages). I ended up driving three towns over and no one had seen a lady doctor in tiny shorts.

I gave up and came back to BlueBell. Sadly, I’d been gone so long I had no time to perfect my gumbo. Sure, it wasn’t flawless but it was pretty darn tasty. So imagine my dismay when my second place prize went to none other than Dr. Zoe Hart! I don’t know how she pulled that off. I can only hope that Dr. Hart goes back to her fancy city by the next gumbo cook-off, and I can finally get my second place medal.

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