The eleventh entry on Blawker, established by Dash DeWitt. (Posted in accordance with Sweetie Pies & Sweaty Palms.)

Grab Your Sweetie PieEdit

It seems like the whole town is in a frenzy due to the upcoming Sweetie Pie Dance. Surprisingly, it’s not just those who don’t have sweetie pies that are freaking out. I suppose this is an important night for everyone. After all, the dance is always extremely romantic. Like the Atlanta Bazaar inGone with the Wind. It’s often a chance to reignite a spark that might have gone out between certain lovers. But really let’s be serious, who actually cares about boring, old couples that have been together for years? Not yours truly! Instead, I care about who’s bringing someone new, someone surprising, someone out of the box. I’ll be around BlueBell the next few days trying to get the scoop on who’s going with who. But like usual, if you hear anything, please alert the Blawker ASAP.

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