The fifteenth entry on Dash DeWitt's Blog, kept by Dash DeWitt and featured on the Bluebell website.

Going to the Chapel

Thank goodness William and Kate got married last year because that means George and Lemon will definitely win 2012’s coveted “Wedding of the Year” award. Their big day is less than a week away! A week away! Can you believe it?! This wedding has been in the making for years and I am so excited I will be in attendance. George and Lemon are certainly BlueBell royalty and I’m sure no expense will be lost at this wedding. I, for one, cannot wait. I even bought a brand new three piece suit as well as purchased a beautiful top hat to go with it. After Lemon , I will probably be the best-dressed person at the wedding. Just kidding. Not really.

Check out their wedding site to get excited for the big day. Make sure to sign the guestbook!

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