Gigi Godfrey
Gigi Godfrey
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Gigi Godfrey is Dr. Zoe Hart's best friend from New York, NY who surprised Zoe by visiting, with the intentions to lend her professional party-planning services to her friend for Bluebell's annual pre-game Homcoming party.

However, Gigi ignored Zoe's warnings against her party plans, and insisted Zoe needed to let her New York flag fly, to show the people of Bluebell her 'best stuff'. Even during the party, Gigi insisted the party worked- that it was the people of Bluebell who didn't work, and was angry when Lavon and Zoe wanted to shut the party down. After this, she ended up sleeping with the veterinarian, and Zoe's current crush, Dr. Judson Lyons, an incident that left her with organophosphate poisoning from ingesting 'greened' grass. Although at first she insisted she was only doing research on his sexual orientation for Zoe's benefit, she did later apologize for her transgression before leaving Bluebell.