George & Lemon; OurWedding.comwas created by the couple, George Tucker and Lemon Breeland , to commemorate their upcoming wedding. Visit here at

About UsEdit

About Lemon and George

George and Lemon met while kids in BlueBell, Alabama . Their relationship didn't turn romantic until they were students at Cyrus Lavinius Jeremiah Jones High School where George played on the football team and Lemon was head cheerleader. The couple has been together for 15 years. 15 years! George is currently a lawyer in BlueBell . Lemon is a Belle who is active in many BlueBell organizations and committees. George and Lemon are so excited to become husband and wife. They are firm believers in destiny. Because destiny is the only explanation of how two soul mates just so happened to grow up in the same small town in Alabama.

Ceremony & ReceptionEdit

Town Square
Main Street
BlueBell, AL

Since we love our hometown so much, we decided to have our wedding in the center of it! Our ceremony and reception will take in BlueBell 's lovely town square.

Wedding PartyEdit

Our Wedding Party

Maid of Honor
Magnolia - Lemon 's sister

AnnaBeth - Fellow Belle
Crickett - Fellow Belle
Olive - Fellow Belle
Mary Patterson - Fellow Belle
Becca Jean - Fellow Belle
Scarlett - Fellow Belle

Best Man
Harry - George 's brother

Walter - Friend from HS
Michael - Friend from undergrad
Edward - Friend from undergrad
Greg - Friend from Law School
Alex - Friend from Law School
Bobby - Golf friend

Flower Girl
Lily Louise - George 's niece

Guest BookEdit

Don't forget to sign the guest book ! (And read the comments of other fans!)


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