The fourth entry on Rose's Bluebell Beat, featured on the Bluebell Website.

Fight For Your Right...To Eat Good FoodEdit

by Rose Hattenbarger

After last year’s much-publicized sit-in at the high school over the food in the cafeteria, it was expected that the people who be would take the matter seriously and do something about this terrible situation. But, alas, they have not done a thing. It’s about a month into the new school year and much to the chagrin of us students at Cyrus Lavinius Jeremiah Jones High School, we are still being subjected to the same, lousy, disgusting food as last year (as well as all the years before). We are growing human beings who need balanced meals, not soggy sandwiches with inedible lunchmeats and off colored condiments. We need nourishment, not who knows what kind of fish fish sticks fried five times over with greasy shoestring French fries on the side. We may all only be teenagers but we expect change. And if that change does not happen, then everyone should expect us to not to take it lying down. That’s a promise.

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