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Emmeline Hattenbarger

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Emmeline Hattenbarger, also referred to as Mrs. H, works as a secretary for Harley Wilkes ' practice. It was Emmeline that had continued, under Dr. Wilkes' instructions, to send Zoe Hart postcards[1] offering her a place at his medical practice, and gives Zoe Hart a tour of Bluebell upon her arrival, while informing her that Harley had left Zoe his half of the practice. Emmeline, when trying to convince Zoe to stay rather than return to New York, also gives Zoe a photo of Harley and Zoe’s mother, Candice, revealing that Harvey Wilkes was Zoe's real father.

In Parades and Pariahs, Emmeline reveals to Zoe that she had been wanting to leave town to start a bakery with her daughter in Shreveport, but had delayed it due to Harley's death, but felt that with Zoe there, she didn't have to hold off any longer, and the two said their goodbyes.


Emmeline Hattenbarger has a daughter in Shreveport, with whom she has opened a bakery. She is also an aunt to Rose Hattenbarger.