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DeWitt on Sondheim

Hello, Readers. Dash DeWitt here, reporting live en route to BlueBell, as I return from my annual pilgrimage to New York City, New York. This year’s ticket? The Broadway revival of Stephen Sondheim’s underrated treasure, Follies.

For those of you not familiar with Follies (which I am sure is most, if not all of you), it is the story of a reunion of a Ziegfield-esque group of retired chorus girls. The incomparable Bernadette Peters leads the cast, and what a performance! One of the best star turns I’ve seen since Bev Mayfair starred in our local production of Into the Woods (under my direction of course).

As for my theater going experience, I was disappointed, yet again, that I was not allowed to bring in my own snacks. This caused me to be beyond famished during the first act. I was excited when the lights went up and it was time for intermission. I quickly hurried to the lobby to grab something and then to my astonishment I saw the prices. $6 for a bag of peanut M&M’s? Are you serious? That’s criminal! After the show my empty stomached self waited for the actors. Fortunately the hunger subsided when I got to meet Bernadette Peters and get her autograph! She said she’d heard me cheering for her at the curtain call. Another brush with fame during my annual New York tip – remember the photograph I took with Matthew Broderick in ’02?

Should you go see Follies? It might be a little sophisticated for you, honestly. But I give this performance a triple dash! Bravo, Mr. Sondheim!

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