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Dash's New Year's Resolutions

I don’t know about you, but I usually always abandon my New Years Resolutions. It’s January 23rd and I’m already losing focus. So I thought if I posted them here on my blog, I’d feel more obligated to follow through. I recommend you do the same! On your own blog, though. My blog is just for me.

1) Get more involved in town events

In 2011 I only participated in three parades, two shows, four festivals, eight craft fairs, six dances and a “Say No To Drugs” rally. That is nothing when you think about all the events BlueBell has to offer! This year I’m going to take more of an active role in planning. And let’s face it: I’m the only person in town keeping these events from becoming hopelessly gauche.

2) Stay away from the Butter Stick

Curse you Agnes and your sweet tea! This will be tough, but I’m going to try to not even step foot in The Butter Stick in 2012. I will only be ordering garden salads to go from Fancie’s. Okay, that seems harsh, maybe I’ll just go to The Butter Stick for special occasions. And on weekends. And after work sometimes.

3) Take up tap dancing again

I was taking classes and I was really into it, but I just could not nail the step-ball-change! In 2012 I’m going to conquer that step and advance to Level Two. Watch out, Savion Glover.

4) Give up watching my soaps

I love them, but they’re such a time-suck. This one will be the hardest — I live for all that romance, all those crazy love triangles, all the evil twins. Where in boring old BlueBell could I be party to things like these? But I suppose I need to be out in the real world. Which brings me to number 5…

5) Spend more time outdoors

Barring the atrocious annual heat wave, the weather in BlueBell is divine. I should be outside more, soaking up our beautiful climate! Except not when it’s too hot out, because that brings me to resolution number 6.

6) Never wear shorts in public

I wish some of my fellow BlueBellians would follow suit. They’re unseemly! I will give a free pass to Dr. Zoe Hart though. That girl makes it work. If only I had legs like hers…

7) Blog more

I always drag my feet and put off working on my blog, but once I actually put pen to paper it gives me a lot of joy! I will definitely start blogging more. Except I’m really busy this week. I’ll definitely sit down and work on it. Although, I do have to catch up on Downton Abbey. Okay, maybe the week after next. That’s a promise.

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