Cyrus Lavinius Jeremiah Jones High School

Cyrus Lavinius Jeremiah Jones High School is the town of Bluebell, Alabama's high school, and is named for the city's founder, Cyrus Lavinius Jeremiah Jones, and represented by the school mascot, Bo.  Zoe picks Rose up after school to investigate Rose's boyfriend "mysterious" science project in We Are Never Ever Getting Back.



In the fall of 2011, the football team was led to victory in their Homecoming game against Daphne, Alabama's Daphne High by fill-in coach Lavon Hayes and quarterback Colby Slaughter. (Also with help from Dr. Zoe Hart, who treated Colby as well as the second-string quarterback, Joey Potts for organophosphate poisoning prior to the big game.) (Homecoming & Coming Home)

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CLJJ High evidently has a cheering squad, as Zoe Hart witnessed them practicing while the town looked on in Bluebell, Alabama's town square. In addition, this squad has been referred to on the town's website, on the Bluebell Sports Corner blog. Abigail Christensen is a member.[1]

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Cross CountryEdit

CLJJ High's Cross Country team has been mentioned numerous times on the town website, often referring to team captain Matt Bowens. (Likely because prior to Bowen's addition to the team, Bluebell, Alabama's Cross Country team was known as "Big Boo".)


Sobriety ClubEdit

Jacob Coburn is president (The Undead & The Unsaid).

Color GuardEdit

Kelly Flowers is President. (Mentioned on the Bluebell website.)[2]

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(Mentioned on the Bluebell website.)[3]


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CLJJ's marching band performed at the Founder's Day Parade. (Mentioned on the Bluebell website.) Joey Pott's is a member, playing the saxophone. (A Michael Coburn is also a member, and played the clarinet, mentioned in Dash DeWitt's Blog, though Dash also made reference to Michael being President of an 'Abstinence Club', so Dash may or may not have actually meant Jacob Coburn, who we know from The Undead & The Unsaid is President of the Sobriety Club.)[4]

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Drama ClubEdit

(Mentioned in Hairdos & Holidays.)

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(Mentioned in Hairdos & Holidays.) Rose Hattenbarger is a member.

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Joey Potts is an alternate on the team.[6]

(Mentioned on the Bluebell website.)


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