The sixteenth entry on Dash DeWitt's Blog, kept by Dash DeWitt and featured on the Bluebell website.

Culture Update from Dash DeWitt

Hang onto your hats fellow cinema lovers! I have some blockbuster news. You heard it here first: Metzger’s Movie Haus is expanding! BlueBellians will at long last be treated to the duo-plex that they want and they deserve. That’s right! TWO screens! A theatrical equivalent of a jitter-inducing double shot from our very own Butter Stick Bakery.

So grab your sweetie, pack a sweater, and get ready for some mediocre popcorn. (I’m looking at you Mrs. Metzger. What are we, in a butter shortage?) I myself will be catching a screening of Pitch Perfect this Friday. It looks to be a veritable smorgasbord of my absolute favorite things: all-male Acappella, all-female Acapella, and Workaholics star Adam Devine. That boy is an absolute gem! Hollywood, are you listening?

Until next time!

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