Bluebell held a Charity Picnic Auction during Season Two Episode 9's Sparks Fly.


Males would enter picnic baskets and single women would bid on their favorite picnic basket and go on a date with the basket-maker.


  • Tom Long's basket won by Wanda ($10, she warned people away from bidding).
  • Brick Breeland's basket won by Shelby ($30, Brick initially wasn't happy, but he enjoyed the date)
    • This leads them to dating and a sexual relationship
  • George Tucker's basket won by Tansy Truitt ($30, George was hoping for Tansy to bid/win his basket)
  • Lavon Hayes' basket won by Lemon Breeland (Lavon was suprised by this, because his then-girlfriend Ruby was supposed to bid on his; Lemon was thinking that it was Walt's basket)
    • She keeps his feelings of Lavon a secret and decides to help Lavon with a deteriorating relationship with Ruby.
  • Wade Kinsella's basket won Magnolia Breeland (there was several bidders, Zoe tried to get her bid in but failed.  Zoe would strike up a deal with Magnolia for Wade's basket)
    • The date didn't work out, because Zoe though that they wouldn't have anything to talk about.
  • Walt's basket won by Shula Whitaker [I think] (Walt would end up seeing Lemon afterwards)
    • The date seemingly didn't go too far, due to Walt's interest in Lemon


  • Brick to Lemon: "Thanks Lemon, I've won a date with a girl who can't wait to show me her apps that she uses to organize her closet."
    • "I'm sorry Daddy, but think of her as practice for actual dating...and remember to use really small words."

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