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Candice Hart is a publicist, and Zoe Hart's mother.




On a cruise in 1982, Candice had an affair with older Southern gentleman Harley Wilkes on a cruise while engaged to another man- Ethan Hart. This affair resulted in a child, Zoe Hart, and Candice made the choice to give her daughter a father from 'their world', leading her to believe Ethan Hart was her father.


However, when Zoe was ten years old and needed a blood transfusion, and Ethan Hart proved not to be a match, the truth came out, although Candice insisted that Zoe not be told. This destroyed Candice and Ethan's marriage, and they divorced shortly afterwards.


After she heard her daughter, Zoe Hart moved to Bluebell, Alabama, Candice followed her in an attempt to convince her to come home. However, Zoe presented her with a photograph from 1982, of she and Harley on the cruise, and demanded to know the truth, and Candice confirmed that Harley Wilkes was Zoe's biological father.


Candice works as a publicist, and has a number of famous and celebrity clients.

Known ClientsEdit

  • Emeril Lagasse
  • Bernadette Peters
  • Alex Baldwin
  • Worked with Britney after her meltdown in 2007
  • Anderson Cooper
  • Blake Shelton

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