After the Founder's Day Parade, Lemon and Brick talk about how it was Alice's favorite event. Brick advises Lemon to let go, to which Lemon asks "Have you?"

The relationship between Brick Breeland and Alice Breeland.

Season OneEdit

Brick and Alice were married and had two children together- Lemon and Magnolia. However, in 1999, when Lemon was a teenager and Magnolia was just a toddler, Alice left her family to pursue her career as an actress.

Despite Brick's encouragement for Lemon to start letting go, it's evident he has yet to do so himself. George Tucker has confronted Brick for acting as though Alice simply went to the store when it's been twelve years since she left, and Brick has proven to be extremely reluctant to part with Alice's things when Lemon cleaned out their house.


Alice, with her new family in Daphne.

Unknown to Brick, Lemon discovered that Alice was living in Daphne, Alabama, just thirty miles from Bluebell, with a new family. There's no indication that Brick has dated since Alice left, excluding the date with Agnes that Lemon very nearly tricked him into.


Brick Breeland: She was so happy that day. The Founder's Parade was her favorite event of the whole season.
Lemon Breeland: Every year at this time I think, maybe Mama will come back- if not to see us, then, at least to see the Belle float.
Brick Breeland: Sugar, it's twelve years ago she left. You have to start letting go.
Lemon Breeland: Have you?
(Parades & Pariahs)

Alice Breeland: [To Lemon in flashback.] You, sweetie- oh, you have that fire burnin' inside of you, just like me, and you are going to want more out of life, and well, you should let yourself have it. 'Cause if you don't...well, that is a disappointment you will live with forever.
(Hairdos & Holidays)

Brick Breeland: "I spent twenty years coming to this dance with my wife. Nothing has made me miss her more than coming with the wrong girl."
(Sweetie Pies & Sweaty Palms)

Brick Breeland: Oh, I see, I see, mm-hmm. Did Lemon put you up to this?
Zoe Hart: What?
Brick Breeland: Dr. Hart, I am processing the information about my wife in my own time, thank you very much, and it is perfectly in reason for me to attend my own daughter's wedding without a date. (Destiny & Denial)

Brick Breeland: [At Lemon's wedding.] "Your mother would be so proud... and screw her for missing this."
(The Big Day)

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