The twelfth entry on AnnaBeth's Blog, featured on the Bluebell Website.


by AnnaBeth

Happy Halloween, BlueBellians! We’re all so excited to celebrate here in BlueBell. Tammy Davis’s party is always the event of the season! Are you still stumped trying to think of a costume? Here are some suggestions for you!

1) Scarlett O’Hara — Scarlett O’Hara is always a huge hit, a classic go-to for any southern Belle. You get to look good, and carry a gun to shoot Yankees! You can also say funny lines, like, whenever you take a bite to eat, you can go, “I’ll never go hungry again!” If you have a devoted beau or obedient husband, you can get him to go as Rhett! And if he’s not devoted or obedient, he can be the Yankee.

2) Sexy Angel or Sexy Devil — An oldie but a goodie! Now, usually I don’t approve of the occult, but one year Lemon was a Sexy Angel and I was a Sexy Devil and it was just adorable! Somehow by the end of the night, Lemon ended up with my horns and pitchfork and was wearing both costumes, and I was her henchman.

3) But if you really want to go the sexy route, go in your underthings and tell everyone you’re the 2011 Heat Wave! It’s edgy, it’s topical, and it’s what Wade Kinsella does every single year.

4) Bear Bryant, Lavon Hayes, or any other football guy — Ladies, this one is for your husbands. I’ve found that the only way I can get my Jake to dress up for Halloween is to give him an excuse to prance around in a football outfit. Mayor Hayes is usually kind enough to stand next to these doofuses and let them take a picture with him. What a nice man!

5) Zoe Hart — Word around town is that the most popular costume this year will be Zoe Hart! I can see why, it’s a very easy costume. Short leather shorts, obscenely high heels, black clothes like you’re going to a funeral. I guess you could wear a white coat and stethoscope too, though who knows how long that will last? I think this is what I’m going to wear this year. What other day but Halloween will it ever be appropriate to dress like this?

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