The fifth entry on AnnaBeth's Blog, featured on the Bluebell Website.

Bluebell's Debutantes Feted at Mother-Daughter TeaEdit

by AnnaBeth

My, oh my, the weeks leading up to the Debutante Ball are always terribly busy and exciting, and this year was no exception. Yesterday was the traditional mother-daughter tea held at the lovely waterfront estate owned by the parents of Ashley Margaret Percy.

As always, Miss Esther May Tisdale joined to give the debs a primer in etiquette. When Lemon and I were debs, it was Miss Esther May who taught us how to host the perfect afternoon tea and set a table for a formal dinner. But I’m afraid yesterday’s lesson was a bit more remedial. That poor dear Esther May practically winded herself trying to impress upon this new generation of debs how positively tacky and unladylike it is to be “click-clacking on your teeny, tiny phones” at all hours. She also reminded them — as she batted their phones out of their hands with her cane — that well-bred ladies should always have poise, and greet people with a nod and a smile, which means “under no circumstances walking with your head slung like Early Man, never looking up from your devil’s toys.”

I am slightly appalled to report that one of the new debs even had the gumption to ask Miss Esther May, who, like any true belle would never reveal her age but who’s been teaching manners to BlueBell’s debs since before even my mama’s time, whether it would be acceptable to send a thank you note via email. Email! Any good Southern girl should have her own signature stationery selected by the time she can write in cursive. Of course, now, with all of the H8-ing, ROTFL-ing, and OMFG-ing that has migrated here from up North just like the carpetbaggers, feminists, and Dr. Zoe Hart, I have to wonder whether these otherwise darling debs can even write with a pad and pen, bless their hearts. But now, thanks to Miss Esther May, I am very confident the Percys will be getting six hand-written thank you notes, however sloppy the penmanship may be.

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